Source of Vigour- Kickballs for Kids

The source of vigour I chose has personal connections for me. The project's founder, Chris Thompson, was my neighbour growing up. After I moved to another town, we competed against one another in sports, primarily basketball. As adults, we were on the same senior mens basketball team. Chris is an amazing individual who, among other qualities, is very intelligent and creative. As he possesses these qualities, it is no surprise that he took on the challenge of providing joy through sport for students both in Canada and half way around the world. 

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Pepsi Refresh Project

  • In 2010, Chris's friend entered his project to the Pepsi Refresh Project.

  • Kickballs for Kids was entered in the $10,000 category and won. It was the most voted on source of vigour in the country.

  • A stipulation of the grant was that the money be used to help a community in Canada.

  • As a result, Kickballs for Kids purchased sports equipment for 5 First Nations communities in Manitoba.

  • They were Little Grand Rapids (below left), Lake St. Martin (below centre), Bloodvein, Jackhead, and Little Saskatchewan First Nations (below right).  

Shaw TV Clip

  • In 2016, a Shaw reporter saw a Facebook post about Kickballs for Kids. 

  • The reporter decided to do this piece, which was a day in the life of the project.

  • Thompson was meeting a traveler that was heading to Ghana in order for her to deliver the soccer balls.

  • He then went to speak at Cecil Rhodes School in Winnipeg. 

  • To date, Thompson estimates that Kickballs for Kids has delivered 3,000 soccer balls and the total monetary value of donations to be $100,000. 

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2018 Vigor Award 

  • Coincidentally, Thompson received the achievement award from Vigor Awards International. 

  • ​"The Achievement Award is given to individuals who have achieved great things that revolve around helping others or themselves" (Vigor Awards).

  • In regards to the accolade, Thompson posted the following on Facebook: "When I started K4K back in 2010, it was never with the hopes of being thanked for it. I just wanted to try to give back to a sport and a continent that had given me a new lease on life. Over the past 8 years, the project has reached thousands of children around the globe and has allowed me to speak with hundreds of students here in Canada. And while I never hoped to be thanked for doing the things I do, I have to admit that it felt pretty good to be recognized by the Vigor Awards. It took me back to the beginning and has motivated me to keep pushing my project as far as it will go."